Space Commune is a media project started by two Upstate New Yorkers (Fox Green and Alex Dimitrios) seeking an alternative to the degrowth and deindustrialization paradigm being thrust upon us through The Great Reset agenda. We love our country, the United States of America and take inspiration from our revolutionary founding. We want win-win cooperation with Russia and China in developing the world economy for all of humanity, and to Make America Great Again.

We are Anti-Malthusian

In 1798 prolific stooge of the oligarchs, Thomas Malthus wrote his Essay on the Principle of Population. From this asinine essay, the Malthusian movement sprung forth in many forms and iterations including the Malthusian League of the late 1800’s, the Neo-Malthusians of the 1970’s, and right up to the current day environmental movement. The key belief of Malthusians is that human ‘overpopulation’ not only exists, but is the greatest problem facing humanity. International think tanks like the Club of Rome and organizations such as the World Wildlife Federation are hellbent on destroying humanity in order to save ‘Gaia’ or Mother Earth.


The Malthusian movement today continues within what’s known as the “Degrowth Movement.” Advocates of degrowth may claim they do not follow the principle of human ‘overpopulation’ but instead claim they simply want to reduce human consumption. They would prefer people walk or bike rather than use a car, return to peasant farming and grow their own food, and most importantly, they advocate for degrowing our energy infrastructure in favor of fragile, unreliable, intermittent renewables. They don’t directly advocate for a reduction in human population, but their policy proposals infer the same Malthusian agenda.

Pro-Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is the future. It is a clean-burning, dense, abundant, safe, superior form of energy by every metric. The superiority of nuclear energy has been a secret buried by mountains of propaganda by the so-called ‘environmentalist movement’ for decades. It’s time for humanity to embrace the future, and unleash the potential of a nuclear powered society!

For a Multipolar World

Right now China and Russia are ushering in a new multipolar world order by helping the rest of the world develop through nuclear power and high speed rail (The Belt and Road Initiative). China calls this Win-Win cooperation. We would love to see America join this new multipolar world order by peaceful development, and walk away from the unipolar world order of war, destruction and dominance. China and Russia are not the enemy of America; quite the opposite, a friendship amongst our nations would transform this world for the better.


Our great nation is currently held hostage by a corrupt government determined to cannibalize this country from the inside out via debts, riots, gangs and infrastructure neglect. We, as proud Americans will not stand for this. We take inspiration from our revolutionary history and Founding Fathers who created and pursued the American project as a great nation ‘of, by and for The People.’

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