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Fox Green on The Johnny Vedmore Show, TNT Radio | March 30, 2024

Fox Green explains how the globalist empire uses food and energy to prevent nation building and ultimately control the world. Fox also has plenty to…

Alex Dimitrios on The Johnny Vedmore Show, TNT Radio | March 29, 2024

Independent researcher and journalist Alex Dimitrios discusses the importance of energy, and details the Aquarian conspiracy to sabotage Three Mile Island, which 45 years ago…

Energy/Empire: Part 1 Cuba’s Man-Made Famine

A documentary series exploring the globalist conspiracy to control food, energy, people and nations

Three Mile Island at 45: The New Age Conspiracy to Manufacture Nuclear Hysteria

The story of Three Mile Island isn't what happened after. It's what happened in the decades before.

Debunking Bret Weinstein’s Chinese “One Child” Supersoldier Invasion Theory

Chinese Partnership in South America can help end the Border Crisis

The NEWSPASTE Podcast: Fox Green – We Should Only Fear A Future Built By Madmen

I had the pleasure of joining Johnny Vedmore, independent journalist and documentarian on his NEWSPASTE Podcast. Check out this fun conversation where we delve into…

How China and Russia Revived Nuclear Energy (Alex Dimitrios RTF Lecture)

The true story of how nuclear energy died in the US. And how China and Russia have brought it all the way back to life.

The Truth About Environmentalism in China & The Pagan Origins of Ecology (Fox Green RTF Lecture)

How did an ideology once considered 'productivist', 'Promethean' and 'anti-ecological' become the basis for 'degrowth communism'?

Alex Dimitrios Interview with Quantum Nurse Grace Asagra

A discussion of nuclear energy myths and a breakdown of how they are used to affect geopolitics.

Why the US & Russia’s Grand Uranium Bargain is Over

The United States cutting Russia out of the nuclear fuel mix is more complicated than it seems.

President Trump vs. NATO Atlanticism and the Globalist Carbon Cult

Trump is making all the right people mad, for all the right reasons

Alex Dimitrios on Connecting the Dots with Matt Ehret, Jan 14, 2024

Space Commune’s Alex Dimitrios appeared on TNT Radio’s Connecting the Dots show with Matt Ehret to talk about China’s One Child Policy, and how nuclear…

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