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Pro-Growth • Anti-Malthusian • Multipolar World

Space Commune is a media project by two Upstate New Yorkers seeking an alternative to the degrowth and deindustrialization paradigm being thrust upon us through The Great Reset agenda. We love our country, the United States of America and take inspiration from our revolutionary founding. We want win-win cooperation with Russia and China in developing the world economy for all of humanity, and to Make America Great Again.

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  • We are Occupied by Green Fascists

    Since the era of industrial revolution the enemy of human progress has been fascism. Where humans have sought to grow, those in the ruling class have sought to contract, or hold back that growth. During the 20th century we recognized this in Hitler’s “right-wing” Nazi party, the so-called “National Socialists.” The dominant narrative of World War 2 leads us to believe that we defeated fascism, but this is simply not the case.

  • MAGA Communism is Based

    For almost a week straight, #MAGACommunism has been trending on Twitter. The rank and file British Empire Left has been screeching, fainting and pulling their hair out over it. MAGA Communism isn’t a new idea. But it’s very important. Possibly even the most important idea. Class Solidarity is More Important …

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  • The Eco-Sabotage of Jackson’s Water Supply

    The Jackson, Mississippi water crisis made headlines this week. Decades of crumbling, neglected infrastructure came to a head, leaving residents of the capitol city waiting in long lines for bottled water. You might see a “grassroots” leftist group “on the ground” using this opportunity to raise their profile, calling for …

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Nuclear Energy is the Future Shirt

Nuclear energy IS the future. Let your friends and family know you, as an American, want to join Russia and China in developing the world's nuclear energy capacity.

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