Why the US & Russia’s Grand Uranium Bargain is Over

The United States cutting Russia out of the nuclear fuel mix is more complicated than it seems.

President Trump vs. NATO Atlanticism and the Globalist Carbon Cult

Trump is making all the right people mad, for all the right reasons

Alex Dimitrios on Connecting the Dots with Matt Ehret, Jan 14, 2024

Space Commune’s Alex Dimitrios appeared on TNT Radio’s Connecting the Dots show with Matt Ehret to talk about China’s One Child Policy, and how nuclear…

Why "Low Carbon Nuclear Energy" is a Losing Message

Western Nuclear Advocacy is Focused on the Wrong Thing

Fox Green on Connecting the Dots with Matt Ehret, Dec 24, 2023

Fox joins Matt Ehret on his TNT Radio show Connecting the Dots to discuss the upcoming docuseries Energy/Empire Listen or watch on PodBean

Geopolitics Proving That Renewables are for Show, Nuclear is for Dough

How Nuclear Power Development and Uranium Are Becoming the Building Blocks of a Sovereign Nation-State

The New Cold War Plays Out in South Africa Over Electric Infrastructure

How the Belt and Road Initiative Summit in China and Africa’s Energy Week Showcase a New Path Forward

Dystopian Future: Environmentalists Using Nationalization as a Tool of Destruction

Why 'Shutting Down Fossil Fuels' Shouldn't Be the Mantra of Nationalization

One Child Policy: How Henry Kissinger, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Club of Rome Invaded China With Malthusian Ideology

At the dawn of the PRC in 1949, Mao upheld existing Marxist and Sun Yat Sen's views about Malthusianism.

The Real Reason Why U2 & AOC Flipped On Anti-Nuke Advocacy

And it has nothing to do with environmentalism

Nuclear for Me but Not for Thee

Bill Gates has been investing in SMR nuclear technology, but for what ends: to benefit society or to power data centers?

Fox Green on Jerm Warfare with Jeremy Nell, Aug 24, 2023

Fox joins Jeremy Nell on TNT Radio show Jerm Warfare to discuss the report: Maintaining Empire via Food and Energy: Cuba & Sri Lanka Listen…

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