Ep 032 The Anti-Industry Industry (feat. Robert Bryce)

In this episode we’re joined by writer, film producer, and podcaster Robert Bryce to talk about the decadence of American society, the anti-industry industry, “environmental” NGOs fighting an asymmetric warfare and steamrolling rural communities, the disconnect between policy and physical reality, vandalism of environmental activists, and more! Read Robert’s Substack …

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Ep 031 Africa Needs Fossil Fuel (feat. Jusper Machogu)

We’re joined by Jusper Machogu, an agricultural engineer and farmer in Kenya to talk about: climate alarmism, fertilizer, farming, climate scam, co2, The UN, sustainable development goals, why organic farming doesn’t work, nuclear and renewable energy and more! Read Jusper’s latest op-ed: US vice president lectures Africa on ‘climate change’Follow Jusper …

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Ep 029 Dawn of a Rational Multipolar World (feat. S.L. Kanthan)

We are joined by S.L. Kanthan to talk about geopolitics, solving border conflicts, climate change, ideology, narratives, and the return to rational thinking and more! Follow Kanthan on Twitter @Kanthan2030Kanthan’s Substack: slkanthan.substack.com

We are Occupied by Green Fascists

Since the era of industrial revolution the enemy of human progress has been fascism. Where humans have sought to grow, those in the ruling class have sought to contract, or hold back that growth. During the 20th century we recognized this in Hitler’s “right-wing” Nazi party, the so-called “National Socialists.” The dominant narrative of World War 2 leads us to believe that we defeated fascism, but this is simply not the case.

Ep 026 The People’s Culture vs. The Algorithm (feat. Louis CK)

On this episode we talk to Louis CK about art, algorithms, how comedy has changed with social media, moral authority, grassroots comedy vs. mainstream, Chinese culture, prosperity, communism vs. capitalism, donuts and more! Louis’ website: louisck.com

MAGA Communism is Based

For almost a week straight, #MAGACommunism has been trending on Twitter. The rank and file British Empire Left has been screeching, fainting and pulling their hair out over it. MAGA Communism isn’t a new idea. But it’s very important. Possibly even the most important idea. Class Solidarity is More Important …

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Ep 024 Managing Mindscapes: The War for Hearts and Minds (feat. Gabriel Rockhill)

We’re joined by philosopher, cultural critic and political theorist Gabriel Rockhill to discuss: The CIA & Congress for Cultural Freedom, Intellectual commodity fetishism, the distribution of ideas, the compatible left, actually existing socialism, cultural production, the war for hearts and minds, information war on China, petty-bourgeois melancholia (the PMC politics …

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Ep 023 Wordcel Supremacy (feat. Logo Daedalus)

In this episode we’re joined by author, poet and legendary internet shitposter Logo Daedalus (R. Cam). We cover: the wild west internet days, decentralization, touching grass, the narrative, wordcels vs shape-rotators, Disney, intellectual property, China and more! Visit Logo’s website readbooksvlt.comFollow Logo on Twitter @Logo_Daedalus

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