Ep 008 The Management of Populist Disillusionment (feat. George Hoare)

On this episode we talk to George Hoare of the Aufhebunga Bunga podcast about his latest article for Damage Magazine, “Moral Minoritarianism from the Ashes of Left Populism”. Topics covered include: BLM outside of the US, “deliberative democracy” & “citizen’s assemblies”, localism and more! Read George’s article: Moral Minoritarianism from …

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Ep 004 Carl and the Post Left™

What is the Post Left? Alex and Fox riff on Carl Beijer’s attempt to define the latest classification of political misfits by exploring fandom/anti-fandom reactionary marketplaces, social capital and billionaire funders. Read Carl’s post here

Ep 001 Technology Fandoms

Fox and Alex talk about Tesla self-driving cars, technology and degrowth vs. The Great Reset

WTF is BreadTube

Is “BreadTube” and its actors a cogent endorsement of socialism or is it actually manufacturing consent for neoliberal capitalism?

NPIC: Will the revolution be funded?

Your humble narrator, Fox, will take you through his thought process and first-hand experience as a housing justice organizer, delving into the question of whether or not the socialist revolution will be, or even should funded, specifically, via the nonprofit industrial complex. This narrative will explore the question and how …

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Political Fandom

Fandoms have invaded every area of our lives, under neoliberalism that includes politics too. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, Elizabeth Warren, Game of Thrones, the list goes on…

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