Energy/Empire: Part 1 Cuba’s Man-Made Famine

A documentary series exploring the globalist conspiracy to control food, energy, people and nations

Marxism & Energy

This film is an account of how Western “Marxism” has broken from methods of historical and dialectical materialism. This film is also a synthesis of ideas and critiques of our proposed energy future; Intentionally breaking away from degrowth, localism, the New Left, Malthusian and pessimistic schools of thought in favor of an optimistic, abundant future […]

Consumerism: Can we buy a better world?

Degrowth, New Economy, Transition Movement, Ecological Overshoot, Extinction, Collapse? Humanity is currently living through turbulent times. This film explores solutions proposed by various public figures, such as utilitarian ethicist Peter Singer, former VP of marketing at Etsy Matt Stinchcomb, leading degrowth influencer Jason Hickel, Extinction Rebellion spokesman George Monbiot and more, and ultimately questioning the […]

WTF is BreadTube

Is "BreadTube" and its actors a cogent endorsement of socialism or is it actually manufacturing consent for neoliberal capitalism?

NPIC: Will the revolution be funded?

Your humble narrator, Fox, will take you through his thought process and first-hand experience as a housing justice organizer, delving into the question of whether or not the socialist revolution will be, or even should funded, specifically, via the nonprofit industrial complex. This narrative will explore the question and how it relates to people that […]

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