Ep 007 Satire is Dead, Long Live Satire (feat. Peter Coffin)

In celebration of Joe Biden’s inauguration, “socialist” magazine Jacobin attempts “ironic satire” with a cover that aims to “make fun of the libs”. Did they succeed? Fox and Alex are joined by Peter Coffin to figure that out. In this episode we talk about political fandom, “precuperation”, Niobiom’s viral meme …

Ep 007 Satire is Dead, Long Live Satire (feat. Peter Coffin) Read More »

Ep 005 Comedians on Podcasts Dissing Nonprofits (feat. Kelgore)

Special guest Kelgore joins us to talk about the nonprofit industrial complex, being a twitter comedian, mutual aid, electoral politics, spectacle and more! Watch Kelgore’s video “Nonprofits Are The Worst”Follow her on Twitter

Ep 004 Carl and the Post Left™

What is the Post Left? Alex and Fox riff on Carl Beijer’s attempt to define the latest classification of political misfits by exploring fandom/anti-fandom reactionary marketplaces, social capital and billionaire funders. Read Carl’s post here

Ep 003 Slicing Up Nonprofits, Tenant Organizing and the Spectacle (feat. Another Slice)

Alex and Fox slice it up with our guest Another Slice. We cover: Dirtbag divide / culture war / PC languagePsychology of BreadTube / parasocialWorking at nonprofits / The New Left / Tenant OrganizingNihilism / Faith / Experience marketingProtest Porn / SpectacleLeft vs. Right Aesthetic Watch Another Slice on YouTube

Ep 001 Technology Fandoms

Fox and Alex talk about Tesla self-driving cars, technology and degrowth vs. The Great Reset

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