How China and Russia Revived Nuclear Energy (Alex Dimitrios RTF Lecture)

The true story of how nuclear energy died in the US. And how China and Russia have brought it all the way back to life.

On Sunday, February 26 I gave a lecture for the Rising Tide Foundation titled “How China and Russia Revived Nuclear Energy.”

The presentation tells the story of how the end of the Bretton Woods gold standard, the rise of extreme environmentalism, the dismantlement of the Eisenhower-era Atomic Energy Commission and the fake oil crisis of 1973 all combined to destroy nuclear energy in the United States.

However, since the low point of the Chernobyl incident in 1986, China and Russia have not only helped the nuclear power industry recover, they have combined forces to advance it far into the future, not only for their own people, but for the betterment of the developing world.

The presentation also includes information about the sabotage of Three Mile Island, The China Syndrome with Jane Fonda, globalist meddling in South Africa, and how environmentalists have hijacked the legacy of Thomas Cole and the Hudson River School.

Some of the articles referenced:

How Nuclear Energy’s Promise Was Nearly Destroyed – Marsha Freeman, 2005

China’s 14 Biggest Nuclear Plants Under Construction – Me

The New Cold War Plays Out in South Africa Over Electric Infrastructure – Me

Geopolitics Proving That Renewables are for Show, Nuclear is for Dough – Me

The Real Reason Why U2 & AOC Flipped On Anti-Nuke Advocacy – Me

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