BreadTube is the Congress for Cultural Freedom 2.0

Taking a closer look at the events of this past week might lead one to believe that we are not dealing with mere coincidence, but conspiracy. A true conspiracy. Caleb Maupin, founder of the anti-imperialist think tank Center for Political Innovation was sabotaged by his own supposed ‘comrades’ and the Center was dissolved. Less than two weeks prior, the Chicago CPI conference broke through to mainstream media, which claimed that they were flying “pro-Putin” (meaning Russian) flags. Maupin also landed on the Ukrainian blacklist of “speakers who promote Russian propaganda” that was released about a month ago. Within 24 hours of the takedown of Maupin, Darya Dugina, daughter of Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin, painted in the Western media as “Putin’s brain” was murdered in a car bombing.

Maupin has had a target on his back for a while. Starting in 2020, a BreadTuber who goes by the handle “Thought Slime” began attacking and labeling Maupin as a “NazBol,” short for National Bolshevik, or some kind of hybrid between fascism and communism. Thought Slime’s main evidence for this accusation was the fact that he spoke at a 2018 conference and was pictured sitting next to Aleksandr Dugin. Thought Slime’s attacks caught fire with the BreadTube fanbase, while other B-List BreadTubers including ‘The Serfs’ and ‘Sophie from Mars’ have repeatedly egged on their audience to smear Maupin as a NazBol who “pals around with Dugin.”

Thought Slime referring to Caleb Maupin as “Fascist-sympathizing shitlord who is always palling around with Dugin”

In early 2021, Maupin penned a book titled BreadTube Serves Imperialism—an exposé of the YouTube milieu, contextualizing them within the history of the Western Left and its turn from Marxism to liberal-friendly identity politics, detailing the work of a clandestine CIA project called The Congress for Cultural Freedom. The book was met with rave reviews and Maupin’s thesis was later supported in an article by the Grayzone’s Kit Klarenberg and Max Blumenthal.

The Congress for Cultural Freedom is an essential piece of history if you are going to understand modern “leftism” within Western society. The Congress for Cultural Freedom was the CIA’s crown jewel that successfully undermined Communism by covertly funding leftist artists and influencers who emphasized culture over class struggle. This is from an article on the CIA’s website:

The Congress for Cultural Freedom is widely considered one of the CIA’s more daring and effective Cold War covert operations. It published literary and political journals such as Encounter, hosted dozens of conferences bringing together some of the most eminent Western thinkers, and even did what it could to help intellectuals behind the Iron Curtain. Somehow this organization of scholars and artists—egotistical, free thinking, and even anti-American in their politics—managed to reach out from its Paris headquarters to demonstrate that Communism, despite its blandishments, was a deadly foe of art and thought.

The Congress for Cultural Freedom despite the embarrassing exposure of its CIA sponsorship in 1967 ultimately helped to negate Communism’s appeal to artists and intellectuals, undermining at the same time the Communist pose of moral superiority. But while CIA sponsorship of the Congress has long been publicly known, the origins of that relationship have remained obscure, even to Agency veterans who worked on the Project. 

Agency files reveal the true origins of the Berlin conference. Besides setting the Congress in motion, [the Berlin conference in 1950] helped to solidify the CIA’s emerging strategy of promoting the non-Communist left, the strategy that would soon become the theoretical foundation of the Agency’s political operations against Communism over the next two decades. 

In essence, the US State Central Intelligence Agency covertly manufactured the modern left—a left that is compatible with the interests of the imperialist ruling class. None of this is disputed, this is actual history that happened and is documented on the CIA’s own website.

What is less widely known is how the Congress for Cultural Freedom transitioned in the post-USSR collapse world. In name only, the CCF ceased to exist by the 1980s, but the various institutions, social networks and funders continued on. In a paper documenting this transition Nicolas Guilhot explains:

(FEIE – European Foundation for Intellectual Cooperation), an affiliate of the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF)… was created in 1966 to expose ‘non-conformist’ intellectuals in Eastern Europe to Western culture, and to give visibility to intellectual dissent in the Soviet bloc.

The FEIE operated until 1991, before merging with the Open Society Network created by the financier George Soros.

From a purely financial point of view, the FEIE had become a Soros-Ford Foundation joint venture; but from an operational perspective, it was becoming part of the nascent Open Society empire, to which it was providing advice and expertise.

The last remnant of the Congress for Cultural Freedom had disappeared, only to find a second life in the most powerful representative of the ‘new philanthropy’.

Conspiracy and Cults

The true nature of the Congress for Cultural Freedom, along with Caleb’s reputation, is something that BreadTube is eager to obscure and destroy. In a poorly researched and terribly argued 2 hour and 20 minute YouTube video titled Conspiracy on the Left, ‘Sophie from Mars’ asserts the Congress for Cultural Freedom is the same thing as cultural Marxism, “a conspiracy theory from the LaRouche movement.” Not only is this not accurate, but the article she cites from the now defunct magazine “Commune” doesn’t even state that:

“[The LaRouche Movement] never used the term ‘cultural Marxism’”

Sophie’s video is chock full of other errors but this one stands out. Understanding the CCF is the key to understanding why, in the current moment, we are dominated by an anti-China, anti-Russia left here in the West. But here Sophie, almost purposefully, seems to want to muddle this information. When I posted the clip from my own film Marxism & Energy where Caleb speaks about the CCF, the tweet was mass reported and now has a censorship warning, suppressing it from the Twitter audience.

Just before Sophie proclaims the CCF is a LaRouche conspiracy theory, she addresses the issue of cult expert Dr. Steven Hassan who is brought up in the first chapter of Maupin’s book: What and Who is Breadtube: The Nature of the Counter Gang. Sophie asserts that Hassan has “next to nothing to do with BreadTube” which may be right on a very superficial level—he does not make videos about problematic Disney movies. But Dr. Steven Hassan does in fact have a direct connection to Caleb Cain aka ‘Faradayspeaks,’ the BreadTuber who was featured in a 2019 New York Times cover story: The Making of a YouTube RadicaI. The story features Cain as the main character, who was “brainwashed” by a “cult of far-right YouTube personalities.” The article features leading BreadTubers Contrapoints and PhilosophyTube, and describes them as “building a counterweight to YouTube’s far-right flank.”

Like real life superheroes, BreadTube stars were christened by the newspaper of record as saviors of angry young white men from a far-right cult. Four months after the New York Times article debuted, Steven Hassan’s book is published: The Cult of Trump: A Leading Cult Expert Explains How the President Uses Mind Control. Another four months go by, and in February of 2020 Cain interviews Hassan in a video titled Are you in a cult?! Steven Hassan & Faradayspeaks on his YouTube channel. In return, Cain contributed to Hassan’s website with a video Caleb Cain gives tips on HOW to talk to people stuck in cults and conspiracy theories on a page titled The Definitive Guide to Helping People in the Cult of Trump.

On August 20, 2022, a blog post titled Caleb Maupin’s Former Comrades Speak Out, His Abuses Must Stop! was published on Medium. The word ‘cult’ is mentioned 11 times with supposed long-time friends asserting that “Caleb Maupin has ambitions to lead a cult.” Like clockwork, within several hours of the post being published, Sophie from Mars tweets out:

“Can’t believe the CIA tricked Caleb Maupin into being a sex creep and pressuring young financially unstable people into joining his cult. Do the schemes and ruses of the Congress For Cultural Freedom know no end?”

While the B-List BreadTubers like Sophie and Thought Slime have gone out of their way to lie, misdirect and make light of any possible connections to state intelligence, the A-Listers are much more brazen.

Abigail Thorn aka ‘Philosophy Tube’ openly admits to having her research funded by George Soros. In her video Vaccines & Freedom, released in February 2022,  while holding back laughter, Thorn states: 

“Also, as a hilarious bonus, that project dedicated to giving unvaccinated people a voice was funded with a grant from the Open Society Foundation, which means it was literally paid for by George Soros.”

And finally, on Tuesday of this past week, directly following the reputational assassination of Caleb Maupin, and the literal and tragic assassination of Darya Dungina, it was announced that the queen of BreadTube herself, Natalie Wynn, aka Contrapoints, will be featured in the Apple TV+ docuseries ‘Gutsy’ alongside Malthusian Jane Goodall, CIA agent Gloria Steinem and starring international butcher, warhawk Hillary Clinton.

Gaslighting the Information War

By training people to identify and attack everyone with conservative views as “right-wing fascists and cultists” BreadTube has primed its audience to attack dedicated anti-imperialists who may hold, or simply just be sympathetic to people who hold conservative viewpoints. This, combined with literal hit-lists, is a cut-and-dried way for state intelligence entities who want to uphold the unipolar, imperialist order to point a loaded gun at anti-imperialist movements that are gaining traction.

For years BreadTubers have been training their audience to identify, attack and destroy “right-wing cults.” For years the Synthetic Left has been declaring Caleb Maupin a close associate of Aleksandr Dugin. And now Maupin’s credibility has been assassinated by the declaration that he’s running a sex cult. Within 24 hours Dugin’s daughter is literally assassinated.

Is all this just a coincidence? Am I a conspiracy theorist? Is the CIA in the room with us right now? They kind of are though, aren’t they? The reality is that we are in an information war, and have been for a long time. It’s the prerogative of the enemy to make sure you never see the bigger picture; how all this information pulls together to reveal a very scary reality. BreadTube is, very clearly, a project of The Congress for Cultural Freedom 2.0.

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