Marxism & Energy

This film is an account of how Western “Marxism” has broken from methods of historical and dialectical materialism.

This film is also a synthesis of ideas and critiques of our proposed energy future; Intentionally breaking away from degrowth, localism, the New Left, Malthusian and pessimistic schools of thought in favor of an optimistic, abundant future for all of humanity.

This film is a synthesis of clips taken from five separate podcast interviews recorded in the spring of 2021.

Listen to full interviews on the Space Commune podcast:

Ep 009 The Localism Lifestyle (feat. Greg Sharzer)
Ep 011 Destroying Degrowth with Facts and Logic (feat. Matt Huber)
Ep 012 Nuclear & the Power Grid: How it Works and Who Benefits (feat. Emmet Penney)
Ep 013 Optimistic Collectivism: A Brotherhood of Humanity (feat. Caleb Maupin)
Ep 014 RIP Indian Point (feat. Duncan Bryer)

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