Robert Kennedy Jr is Anti-Technology and Anti-Humanity

Robert Kennedy Jr is trending again because he just went on Joe Rogan’s podcast and is now soliciting a debate from pro-vaccine advocate Dr. Peter Hotez.

RFK Jr is being lauded as a “truth teller”— which could not be further from reality. He’s also been in many debates where he’s become belligerent when presented facts. This time around though, the (alternative) media is on his side, so when he’s losing a debate, he’s painted as a victim.

All this media perception management aside, whatever you believe about RFK Jr —whether you think he’s “speaking truth to power” or a pseudoscientific lunatic — there is a deeper question that lies below the surface. The axiom underlying the archetype of ‘Kennedy the Truth Teller’ is the same one present, and much more obvious in a infamous terrorist who passed last week: Ted Kaczynski. The dark alchemy underlying both of these men, RFK Jr and Ted K, is fear of technology.

People, rightfully, distrust the ruling authorities for how COVID and its vaccine were rolled out. People were pressured to ‘believe science’ and cast aside their concerns, have blind faith and trust they were being taken care of — all while being fed a whiplash of contradictory information every other week. The long and painful undermining of our institutions has landed us in a position where people do not trust their governments, hospitals, scientists, schools, experts or any other institution.

This lack of faith in institutions translates to lack of faith in technology, which sets the stage for technology to be positioned as the ‘big bad’ rather than the guiding principles of the people in control of that technology or those institutions. The current popularity of this sentiment can be traced back, in part, to E.F. Schumacher, author of the 1972 pulp nonfiction Small is Beautiful who rails against ‘bigness’ and says we need to ‘put a human face’ on ‘appropriately sized’ technologies.

Rather than saying “the technology of this vaccine was used to harm rather than help humanity,” the conversation led by RFK Jr is that vaccine technology is inherently bad. Just as he believes energy technology (such as nuclear power) or agricultural technology (such as fertilizer or GMO) is also inherently bad. And ultimately, even the technology of government becomes bad — we are left with a deeply anarchist sentiment — that a government run of, by and for the people is not possible. This is music to the ears of the ruling elite, because if we cannot govern ourselves, we stand no chance to do anything but submit to their will. The people who unleash harmful viruses and vaccines want nothing more than for their subjects to lose faith in the one thing that gives them a fighting chance: technology.

The dangerous grift lies in this: RFK Jr is seizing on a valid distrust of something that has caused real harm, and is now using the sentiment created by that to induce further harm. What we need instead is regain control of our technology and institutions. We need to pry control away from the Gaia-worshipping ruling class that sees humans as a virus on the planet, and technology as an extension of this virus, rather than evidence of man’s unique creative capability, and his destiny to harness nature for the good of all.

Technology is humanity. To hate technology, especially in favor of “Nature” is the essence of being anti-humanity.

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