The Truth About Environmentalism in China & The Pagan Origins of Ecology (Fox Green RTF Lecture)

How did an ideology once considered 'productivist', 'Promethean' and 'anti-ecological' become the basis for 'degrowth communism'?

This Sunday February 18, 2023 I delivered a lecture called ‘The Truth About Environmentalism in China and the Pagan Origins of Ecology’ which traced the roots of the death cult that infused itself into both Capitalist and Communist thinking over the course of the past 150 years.

How did pro-Industrial, anti Malthusian Marxists get infiltrated by eco-Marxist anti-humanists throughout the 20th century and how have patriots in China fought back against this parasite in recent years?

We’ll explore the multi-headed Beast of the 19the & 20th Century set on destroying Western culture, science, religion and economy with a deep dive into figures such as Ernst Haeckel, Rudolf Steiner, John B. Cobb, Jr. and their influence on the ‘ecological civilization’ movement.

Watch the lecture in its entirety followed by audience Q&A on Rising Tide Foundation’s YouTube channel:

You can also watch the Space Commune documentaries referenced in this presentation:

Marxism & Energy (2022)

Consumerism: Can we buy a better world? (2021)

For supplemental information about E.F. Schumacher listen to our Small is Not Beautiful podcast episode.

For a deeper dive into the Congress for Cultural Freedom listen to our interview with Gabriel Rockhill, Managing Mindscapes: The War for Hearts and Minds.

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